Give a little love.

I love giving awesome presents.  Awesome doesn’t necessarily mean ultra-cool, expensive, designer stuff – it’s awesome because it’s personal.

Case in point: For my husband’s 35th birthday he got the Sham WoW system.  No joke. He loved it.  He had been talking about it for months.  Had there been a phone and credit card easily accessible during any of the infomercials, he would have owned them much sooner.  Luckily, our couch practically has seat belts.

My friend recently had a baby and I wanted to send something special.  I originally met her at the park with her adorable little girl wearing ruffly pants with her name sewn across the butt.  Our daughters were only months apart, and she was an important part of my life during those early years.

Enter baby girl #2 and I went searching for the perfect gift – and VOILA!

Today’s Indulgence:

Why I love:

It’s adorable, affordable, and easy to order!  There are a lot of choices from baby through toddler and their previews make it easy to see just how awesome the finished product will look.

My nephew recently moved from sunny California to not quite as warm Utah, so I ordered this:

I will note that knit items do have a longer lead time, several weeks usually, so not ideal for last minute shoppers.  But how CUTE is my nephew??? Well worth the wait, I think.

I love this site for finding that perfect present and if it helps you for even one future present, then this post has done its work.

Happy shopping y’all!

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