Before Choice Comes Care: The Root of Today’s Abortion “Problem”

A recent bill introduced by Texas GOP Legislature would make it possible for women to receive the death penalty for having an abortion.

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Not the man who got her pregnant.

Not the rapist that assaulted her.

Not just after 20 weeks.

Not even if her life is at risk.

“My bill simply accomplishes one goal. It brings equal treatment for unborn human beings under the law,” states republican state legislator Rep. Tony Tinderholt, who introduced the bill.

No sir, it does not. It does not punish the biological father, for one. For another, we don’t even have equal treatment of all BORN human beings in this country.  And THAT is the real issue with this bill.

When trying to solve a problem, we are advised to find the root. (See, Algebra WAS good for something.)

This lawmaker has decided the ROOT problem of abortions is women having sex. Seriously, I did not make that up. He believes this bill will force” women to be “more personally responsible” with sex.

I think this bill makes it apparent that lawmakers need to be more responsible with women – BEFORE abortion even becomes a choice.

They need to “force” men to be “more personally responsible” with sexual discrimination, assault, and rape.

They need to “force” corporations to be “more personally responsible” with minimum wages that fail to cover the cost of living.

They need to “force” educators to be “more personally responsible” with sex education that covers sex, birth control, and consent.

They need to “force” government to be “more personally responsible” with access to quality education, healthcare, transportation, and housing.

The ROOT of the problem is our government itself who refuses to CARE. They refuse to care for all women in the same way it cares for its rich, white men and wealthy corporations (they are people too!). They then criminalize these same women for acts of desperation. (Yes, abortion is an act of desperation. Don’t believe me? Ask any woman.)

What we do know is that stricter laws AGAINST abortion do not lower the rate of abortions, they simply make them less safe. So, why this bill?

This bill is a ruse to cover up the ROOT of the problem – the fact that our government does not truly care about women more than they value the current status quo – rich, predominantly white men in power and the corporations that make them rich.

Agree or disagree, let me know. I may have strong opinions, but I’m not opposed to hearing other voices. I’m strange that way. If you are rude, crude, or lude, though, I will not engage. 

Feel free to share if this rang any bells, hit any nerves, or sparked any thoughts in you.

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