Random Acts of Motherness

I have my card, but I refuse to wear the jeans.  I grew two humans and have thrust them onto the world stage. and tomorrow is my day. According to Hallmark anyway. And Kay Jewelers, Edible Arrangements, and every other retail shop in existence.  I get it, and rest assured, I will totally milk it.  As will the adoptive, step, and grandmothers of the developed world. Ladies, this Bud’s for you.

But I will also raise my glass tomorrow, and it WILL be a Bloody Mary, to the unsung heroes of this sisterhood.  Because my sisters aren’t just the card carrying m.o.m.s., they are the fabulous women that either by choice or circumstance, do not have the perfect Hallmark greeting in their honor. And they deserve one.

My list is long, but here are just a few of the women that I will honor tomorrow:

  • The lady who plays peek-a-boo with a youngster in the grocery store moments before a tantrum of epic proportions seems inevitable.
  • The preschool teacher that drops subtle hints about the needs of a young child that the sleep deprived mom can’t see through the haze.
  • The “cool” teacher that quietly councils our children when their parents “just don’t understand”.
  • The friend that arrives at a two-year-old birthday party without kids of their own, bearing gifts that children most desire, moms despise for their pieces, and cost more that than the standard clearance price.
  • The neighbor that bakes the best cookies, doesn’t care if bike tires tear up the lawn, and always seems to know just when to appear when acts of cruelty among young friends are about to transpire.
  • The women who love their friends’ children on first sight and forevermore, simply because.

We mothers like to think of ourselves as part of a special club, whose initiation includes sleepless nights, supreme agitation and worry, and countless hours of PBS programming.  For some it began with 9 months of physical preparation, for others it was years of planning and preparations for home studies.  Every mom has a story, and it should be celebrated.

Not all women want to join this club, others are unable, but most (if not all) women practice random acts of motherness on a daily basis.  Without these women, we mothers would be lost, and most of us without realizing it.

Let’s end the segregation this holiday represents and celebrate all the women that make our children great.

Happy Motherness Day!

Foolproof New Year’s Resolution?

It’s the end of another year.

Did you stay true to your promises of 2011?  Did you lose steam in January, March or May?

I find New Year’s Resolutions to be daunting and difficult to dream up, and infinitely harder to follow through on.  What is at the root of all these resolutions? The common denominator of the inspiration that compels millions of people to post sticky notes on their mirrors, announce commitments on Facebook, and develop internal mantras to begin on January 1?

I think I have my answer:

We want to feel better next year than we did the last.

Whether it’s a commitment to ourselves, our families, or our communities around us, we want to make a meaningful change in our lives or lifestyles that will make us feel better about what we do each and every day.

Personally, without a reminder, I lose sight of my goals by February 1.  Worse, by this time next year, I will be chastising myself for not having the tenacity or will power to make even the slightest gain on the goal so hopefully set 12 months ago.

This year I am going to lock in my commitment, and put it on auto-deduct.

My New Year’s Resolution: Get inspired creatively and professionally, and make a meaningful change in my work.

My Reminder: A monthly $10.00 donation to Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc. An organization that uses creativity as a way to open up new lines of communication that leads to incredible healing for thousands of people every year.

The Payoffs:

  • I get a monthly reminder of $10.00 on my statement to keep me thinking about my larger goal.
  • I am supporting an organization I believe in.
  • Regardless of my personal progress, I know I am supporting a cause that uses creativity to make the lives of others better.

How you can incorporate this into your own resolution:

Once you have your resolution – find a cause.

  • Weight Loss Goal? Support a food bank.
  • Professional Improvement? Support an organization like Dress for Success that helps people find gainful employment.
  • Debt Reduction? Support a homeless shelter or an organization providing the basic life necessities for those without.
  • Already supporting an organization? It doesn’t matter as long you make a monthly payment.
  • Already making a monthly donation? Increase it by $5, make the increase your reminder.

Set up an automatic donation either through the organization themselves, or through your online bill pay service as an auto pay.

Most importantly, commit for the year.

At the end of the year, reflect on how your $10.00 monthly donation made an impact on someone’s life.  I can’t imagine you will be disappointed in yourself this time next year. 

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” ­­ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Will you put your New Year’s Resolution on auto pay? Let me know!

Happy New Year!

Please feel free to share this post with friends, family, Facebook & Twitter.  Imagine the impact we could make? 

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