Rage against free speech?

The following image circulated the world of Facebook today:

It was pointed out by someone that this picture is offensive, that is mocks free speech, opinion, and the right to demonstrate.

I wonder would it have been less offensive to use this picture instead?

I am absolutely, 100% behind equality (My Married Life), and I am also 100% behind free speech (Sometimes You Need to Have Diarrhea).

What does the image say to you?

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5 Responses to Rage against free speech?

  1. Excellent post. Thanks for supporting equality. Fantastic.

    • Thanks, Leah. Supporting equality seems like the most ludicrously simple thing to do as a human being. I am baffled at every turn by people who find reasons to differentiate rights among us.

      • I agree. Many social issues that continue to plague, and be perpetuated by mainstream media are issues that are dividing this country. It is difficult to fathom why many people do not support equality, yet they want it for themselves and their families. I can only hope that years from now people look at some of the footage from today and feel shame.

  2. Leah says:

    Great post! I love the photo comparison. Sad but quite true!

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